Campus to Corporate - A Program for Students to Create a Confident Professional Image

Did you know that over 90% of the decisions on who to bring back for a second interview are made in the first 2 minutes?

First impressions are crucial during a job interview. They are looking for individuals who will be an asset to the organization. Organizations will judge students on their appearance, their social skills, their personality, their communication skills, and their understanding of basic business etiquette.

Ace Corporate LearnQuest is committed to the development of Youth. We deliver knowledge and skills required for the students to enhance their employability and to effectively take on their corporate life and personal life.

Campus to Corporate program builds the confidence in the youngster to face their first customer, interact with the boss and their colleagues, make a crisp presentation and develop habits that would make him/her proactive.

Life skills and business skills are seamlessly woven into the program that softens the landing into the challenging corporate world.

Our trainers build a lasting relationship with the participants and keep in touch with them long after the course.

Ace Corporate LearnQuest Objectives:
  • To empower students of colleges with tools for improving their personal and professional excellence, leading to improved employability and professional effectiveness
  • Help graduates understand and measure their skills, capabilities, aptitude and attitude
  • Guide them individually and collectively through a well thought out mentoring plan till they attain their career goals
  • Build a career through a uniquely created participative training program
  • To help them acquire additional skills much needed to secure a gainful job
  • Set goals based on the feedback on personality profiling
  • Understand the gaps in their skills and learn these skills
  • Inculcate the Managerial skills required to succeed in the corporate life
  • Increases the employability of the student
  • Optimal clarity in career choices
  • Methodologies to succeed and a solid foundation for professional life
  • Create a good impression of the college amongst the student and their parent communities
  • Enhance the name of the college amongst the Corporate Community
  • Optimum use of all its resources and enhancement of reputation
  • Students well-being will directly result in attracting best students to the institution

Ace Corporate LearnQuest programs are targeted at the root of the corporate needs so as to develop a strategic solution that blends into the corporate culture to deliver visible and measurable results.

Campus to Corporate Programs