( In-House Training Programmes)
Sr No. Attribute Your Reply
01 Title of the training programme and number of days you wish to allot Please enter the title.
02 Location where you want this programme to be conducted Please enter the location
03 Expected number of participants and their function in general (like sales, ops, marketing, quality, production etc) Please enter the number of participants
04 Designation of the participants in general Please enter the designation
05 Education level of the participants in general Please enter the education level
06 Will the participants be from various locations or from one location? Please enter the location details
07 Have you prepared goal statement of this training programme? If yes, then please specify. Please enter the details about the goal statements.
08 What are the objectives of this training programme? Please enter the objectives.
09 After training, participants will use the skills acquired while dealing with:
(a) internal customers
(b) external customers
(c) service providers
(d) suppliers
(e) distributors
(f) generally with all
Please enter the value.
10 Have you devised the mechanism to ensure that the participants implement the learning? Please enter the mechanism.

Please provide additional information if any, on why you would like to conduct this training programme: -

In-House Trainings